PLP Party Members Giving Bribes Throughout Grand Bahama Communities

Today the TBBNA got a news tip that support staff members of the Progressive Liberal Party had been walking throughout the communities of Mack Town, Hawksbill, Hunters, Lewis Yard and Pinders Point Area. Going door to door assuring there party gets the votes needed.

But that’s not all they did!! Members of the community said they were offered different sums of money for there vote. As much as up to $15.000 thousand dollars. They all said that they took the money but they will not be bribed. An buying votes is breaking the law. An that they care how much money they give them there still not voting PLP.

This really is a disgrace to the sacred voting process. and party leader Perry Christie should be held accountable.

We’ll follow this story as it grows.

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Finally! Ahmaad Aspen has released a brand new single!

Ahmaad Aspen Photo Shoot

Popstar, animal lover an super badass Ahmaad Aspen has been taking a break from music to concentrate on his label and new album.  Completely understandable, though we would be lying if we said we didn’t miss his  peculiar and weird  lyrics and funny lovable approach to life.

But, it must be our lucky day as the Trangler Box singer has brought out a new single with and it’s really bloody great. What is it with music types surprising us out of the blue with brand new music? It can’t be good for our blood pressure…

Ahmaad new song is called Wrist and we don’t even have bands, it’s really good.

The track was written by Ahmaad Aspen himself. but this one is unlike other songs!! we think there’s a very dark side to this track.

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Lady Gaga & Boyfriend Christian Carino Hits the Studio Together

It looks like Lady Gaga is still going strong with boyfriend Christian Carino.

The 30-year-old Super Bowl entertainer was spotted heading into a studio with him on Saturday afternoon (March 11) in Los Angeles.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Lady Gaga

On her way inside, she ran into a friend and hugged him in the parking lot as Christian got out of the car.

In case you missed the big news, Gaga is now headlining the 2017 Coachella Music Festival after Beyonce dropped out due to her pregnancy.

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After Pledging to Donate Salary, Trump Declines to Release Proof

President Donald Trump pledged to forgo a presidential salary, but as his second payday approaches, the White House is declining to say if the president has donated any of his earnings yet.

During the campaign, Trump promised he would take “no salary” if elected — a pledge he reiterated after he won.

“I’m not going to the take the salary,” he said on CBS’ 60 Minutes” in November.

The Constitution, however, requires that the president receive a salary, and that it not be reduced during his term. Federal law mandates the president receive a $400,000 annual salary, paid out once a month.

Trump aides have previously said Trump would donate his salary to the Treasury Department or a charity.

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MSNBC requested details and documentation about any salary donations from the White House, the Treasury Department and the Office of Personnel Management, which all declined to say whether Trump has donated any of his salary to date. (OPM referred questions to the White House.)

Last month, White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders told the website Politifact that Trump “will be giving” his salary “back to Treasury or donating.” The site noted the White House “declined to answer several inquiries into whether Trump has gotten a paycheck already.”

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Under the law, Trump would receive his first monthly paycheck for $33,333 in February, and another $33,333 on March 20.

Salary donations are not the only area where Trump’s pledges to donate revenue are lacking transparency.

During the transition, Trump also unveiled a plan to “donate all profits from foreign governments’ patronage of his hotels and similar businesses” to the Treasury Department. The plan was released by Trump’s private law firm, Morgan Lewis, but no system or accounting has been released for how or when such donations will be processed or disclosed.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez take their romance to the Bahamas

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been spotted in the Bahamas. (Reuters)

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are taking their love to the tropics!

The new couple was spotted at the Bakers Bay Golf & Ocean Club in the Bahamas on Friday, according to the New York Post.

WATCH: Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Are Dating

The outlet reports that J.Lo and A-Rod flew by private jet to the exclusive locale, where they were caught getting cozy on a power boat. The pair are expected to spend the weekend alone at a friend’s home.

Lopez sported a chic nude coat in pics obtained by Page Six, as she cuddles close to her new beau, looking sharp in a dark suit.

It seems the mother of two is enjoying her time off with her new fling. Earlier this week, the 47-year-old singer spent quality time with her twins, Emme and Max.

WATCH: Alex Rodriguez Shares Sweet Pic With Daughter and Ex-Wife At Parents-Teacher Day Following Jennifer Lopez Dating News

Lopez rocked a gorgeous floral dress for the mid-day outing with her kids, where she snaked on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and even posed for a sweet photo taken by her son.

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